Bert Green Fine Art

William Powhida
New Limited Edition Letterpress Print “What is an Artist?”
Pre-sale reservations available

Based in Brooklyn, NY, William Powhida is actively engaged with the contradictions and absurdities of class-based realities in the commercial and public art worlds. He has complied enemy lists of collectors and curators, hired an actor to portray himself as an abusive caricature at openings, and used the corporation “Grevsky LLC” to critique the making and selling of contemporary artwork. The artworks themselves are mostly text-driven drawings and paintings, in a highly skilled trompe l'oeil style.

Powhida has created a unique print in collaboration with Bert Green Fine Art in Chicago, and Aardvark Letterpress in Los Angeles. “What is an Artist?” is a 6 x 8" letterpress printed on heavy paper, die cut to shapes of torn paper and tape fragment, and mounted to cast a shadow on a backing sheet. Sheet size is 20 x 16" with a total depth of just under 0.5". The raised, sculptural quality of the mounting protrudes from the backing. Edition size is 30 with 4 APs and 2 PPs. Final assembled print will be signed lower right by the artist, and numbered lower left.

This print has an estimated release date of late October 2017.

Proposed Edition specifics
Title: “What is an Artist?”
Dimensions: 20” tall x 16” wide
Edition of 30
Artists Proofs 4
Printers Proofs 2
All signed and numbered by the artist
Sold unframed

Pre-sale pricing
Print reservations are available for $850 each. Domestic shipping is free. There is an additional charge for international shipping based on your location.

Prints from this edition will initially sell for $950 when it is released, so this is an excellent opportunity to acquire this work at a discount for resale, collecting, or investment. It is expected that this edition will sell well and increase in price over time.

To participate
Contact the gallery. Payment will be due in full to secure your reservation. The gallery will issue you an invoice and make arrangements for payment according to your preferences. Purchases of multiple prints are permitted, but limited. You may share this offer with interested parties.

Pre-Production Images

Prototype mounted on backing
(test sheet - signature and number will be added to final pieces)

Prototype detail - tape piece and page are separtely adhered (shows shadow)

Laser cut page outline samples

Die cut of tape piece
cut from printed sheet

Ink mixing before printing

Plates for press