Bert Green Fine Art

Barron Storey

Barron Storey, widely known and admired around the world for his contributions to illustration and the graphic novel tradition, has been creating illustrated journals for many years, from which a pair of books have been published, and which are the source material for many gallery and museum art exhibitions.

With Factum 1 and Factum 2, Storey is referencing a project by Robert Rauschenberg in which he created 2 versions of the same artwork. For Storey, this was a watershed moment in his understanding of the nature of art and perception. Storey takes source images from his own journals, duplicates them and creates non-identical painted copies, displayed side by side as diptychs, these works reference digital technology and the nature of reproduction yet rely entirely on the artist's hand. The "Factum 1" image of each pair is a digital print, in some cases enhanced with additional artwork, and the "Factum 2" is a totally new, original work based on the same imagery. They are sold together as a pair (diptych).

A limited edition signed poster from the 2012 exhiibtion "Factum 1 and Factum 2 is available for purchase for $20 from our Poster page.

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